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Durham, North Carolina
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Here at Concrete Conversions, we will travel to 9 different towns and cities to get to our clients. We are a dedicated group of professionals with decades of combined experience in the art of epoxy flooring. As an established company, we offer affordable materials and guaranteed satisfaction with your final floors.
We offer:
  • A strong warranty
  • Professional installation
  • Affordable pricing
  • Aesthetically diverse installations
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction



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    Commercial Epoxy Flooring Benefits
    Upgrade your business floors with epoxy
    Epoxy floors are the best systems any business could ask for and here’s why:
    • Epoxy floors offer high shine and provide nice interior lighting by reflecting the lit environment.
    • Epoxy floors offer a high resistance to wear and tear even in high foot traffic commercial areas.
    • Commercial epoxy floors are quick and easy to install for our professional technicians.
    • When you need to be focusing on your business and not your floors, commercial epoxy floors provide a durable surface that is easy to clean.
    • Commercial epoxy floors resist stains and oils because of their seamless finish that allows them to last for many years.
    • These floors are chemically resistant, making commercial epoxy floors fantastic for highly used areas.
    • Commercial epoxy floors can be installed with distinct colors, patterns, textures, and designs making them appear to be anything else other than concrete.
    Commercial Epoxy Floors When and Where to Use Them
    Here and Now
    Commercial Epoxy Floors
    Some different companies and industries utilize commercial epoxy floors because of their distinct and unmatchable benefits. Our company services different areas looking for floors that can handle their environment without constant attention and special care.
    Some of the commercial epoxy installations we perform include:
    • Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens: areas that handle food, employees, and a constant flow of customers need floors that are easy to clean and offer safety features like slip-resistance and heat-resistance. USDA approved with its antimicrobial benefits, eating and food spaces benefit heavily from epoxy floors.
    • Clinics & Hospitals: due to health and at-risk individuals, health buildings must pass health codes to ensure they are safe enough for a wide range of people.
    • Retail & Lobbies: hotel areas and stores require floors that can withstand high levels of foot traffic. Other flooring materials become susceptible to wear and tear damage, but epoxy floors are not only resistant they are also extremely customizable.
    • Grocery Stores: Business Buildings: places that require slip, impact, and stain-resistant floors benefit from epoxy flooring systems.
    • Showrooms: seamless finishes are great for vehicles and areas that are exposed to fluids, chemicals, and heavy pressure and that is where epoxy floors come in.
    There are many more commercial uses for epoxy floors, above are only a few that we have serviced. For more information on your commercial epoxy floors, give us a call right now! Or you can take a look at our homepage to see more of the services that we offer.
    Commercial Epoxy: Metallic Epoxy Flooring
    Bright and Bold
    If you’re looking for floors that make your business stand out and make your space unique, epoxy metallic floors are the best way to do it. Metallic epoxy floors require true craftsmanship that only our professionals can provide. Your business can benefit from a commercial metallic epoxy floor by:
    • Creating a 3D illusion on your floors that can mimic water, craters, clouds, and so much more.
    • Being the most resistant and durable surface, you can install in your business one of the most brilliant flooring systems, metallic epoxy floors.
    • Hiding blemishes and incorporating any shortcomings into the art itself.
    • Metallic commercial epoxy floors have very long lifespans and do not require special treatments or expensive cleaning products to elongate its life.
    • Providing a variety of flooring options including colors, patterns, and designs.
    Commercial Epoxy Floors
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