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Industrial Epoxy Flooring
Are you looking for a flooring system for your industrial facility that works just as hard as the rest of your facility? Need flooring that can last decades in the harsh environment that is your industrial facility? We know that you cant have a flooring system that will ultimately fail after only a few years.
Well, we have exactly what you need! We are offering the industries leading flooring system at all-time low pricing points, the industrial epoxy flooring system. With an industrial epoxy, your flooring woes will be left in the past! Let us tell you what our epoxies can do down below.



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    The Advantages Of Using Industrial Epoxy
    An Industry Changing Flooring Solution
    We know that your facility needs a flooring system that can handle whatever your facility can throw its way and that’s why we know our industrial epoxy is the system for the job. Down below, you will find exactly why we believe in our epoxy:
    • We use the 100 percent solid epoxy base for our industrial epoxies which is the strongest system on the market. This means that your flooring will be resistant to most forms of physical damage such as heavy foot or vehicle traffic, impacts from dropped objects and even the constant usage of heavy machinery.
    • Along with damage resistance from physical sources, our industrial epoxies offer superior chemical resistance to boast. No matter if you are manufacturing harsh chemicals or transport chemicals through your facility, our epoxy will keep your concrete protected! A few of the chemicals our epoxies can resist are battery acid, industrial cleaners, and even gasoline.
    • Another key benefit of using industrial epoxy is how long it can last your facility. Our team of professional epoxy flooring contractors here at Concrete Conversions has all the knowledge they need to properly install your epoxy to make sure it reaches its full lifespan. You can count on our epoxies to last your facility anywhere from 20-30 years with proper maintenance.
    • Our industrial epoxy is even one of the few flooring systems that have earned the approval from the USDA for use in sensitive facilities like food/beverage processing plants and even in the medical field. The approval greatly comes from the seamless and non-porous design of epoxy as well as the resistance to scratches and abrasions to keep the flooring pristine even with heavy traffic.
    • Industrial epoxies also offer amazing safety features that can make any facility safer and more efficient. For example, our epoxies can make any facility that they are placed in up to 150% brighter without having to use additional lighting sources. This can make it easier to see while working an even easier to spot obstructions on the flooring.
    The Proper Maintenance Of Industrial Epoxy Floor Coverings
    Fast And Efficient
    industrial epoxy flooring Durham
    When it comes to maintaining your industrial epoxy flooring, not only are you going to be saving heaps of money on cleaners and sealants, the average procedure can be done very rapidly thanks to its simplistic approach. Ready to see how the simplistic maintenance of industrial epoxy can help your employees focus on more pressing matters? We have all you need to know about maintenance down below:
    • You will never need any of the messy and expensive waxes or polishes to preserve the integrity of your epoxy. That means that you won’t have to worry about buying expensive polishers either!
    • The tools you are going to require are extremely simplistic. All you are going to need to properly maintain your industrial epoxy are a standard wet mop and a soft-bristle broom or dust mop. The soft bristle broom ensures that your epoxy won’t become scratched by dragging debris across it as well as a faster sweeping process.
    • If your facility has drainage or easy access to the exterior, epoxy offers the ability to be washed down with a hose when it becomes heavily soiled. This is due to the system’s 100% waterproof finish.
    • As far as cleaners go, make sure to talk with your contractor to find the recommended additives.
    Outside of the daily maintenance regiment of the epoxy flooring system, there are some things that you are going to want to make sure are completed during the lifespan of the coating.
    For example, in heavy-duty applications, the topcoat or clear coat of the epoxy floor coating is going to need to be replaced every 5-7 years. Not only will this keep your epoxy shiny, but it will also prolong the life of the system farther than a single application of the clear coat. While waxes and polishes are not required for maintenance, they can be used in lobbies to make the epoxy pop more than ever. Be careful, polished epoxy can become very slippery when wet.
    Professional Customization Options For Industrial Epoxies
    A Safer Work Environment
    One of the key safety features of using an industrial epoxy flooring system is the way that it is able to be customized. Down below, you will find out how you can customize your epoxy to be geared toward efficiency:
    We offer the use of stencils to create walkways, vehicle paths, barriers and even text directly under the clear coat of epoxy, making your facility safer and more organized.
    We also offer the ability to use epoxy flake flooring for a more custom finish that offers a textured surface that will make walking on the floor when soiled safer.
    Don’t want anything flashy? We offer a silica sand additive that will give your flooring texture without the glitz and glamour of epoxy flake flooring.
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