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Decorative Concrete
When it comes to using traditional concrete flooring, your finishes may be considered drab or even boring. Not only will concrete flooring make your setting look gloomy and dusty, but you are also exposing your concrete slab to potentially dangerous scenarios involving physical and even chemical damage. If only there was a way to create flooring that was as durable as it is beautiful.
Well, for our neighbors in Durham, there is a flooring system exactly like that. With our decorative concrete solutions, you can transform any setting in your home into a warm and welcoming environment. To learn more about decorative concrete, look down below where we have all the information you need.



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    Why You Should Use Decorative Concrete
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    Beautiful Yet Functional
    Just because it is called decorative concrete
    doesn’t mean it only provides jaw-dropping finishes, it provides other amazing benefits as well. So, down below we have taken the liberty in outlining all of the amazing benefits of our decorative concrete solutions:
    • Decorative concrete is an amazing way to provide a safety net for your underlying concrete slab. This safety net will protect your concrete from dropped objects, heavy foot traffic and even an extent of harsh chemicals
    • Using a decorative concrete floor can even increase the value of your home up to 3%-5% as it provides a desirable finish and a smooth, seamless finish
    • There is no harsh maintenance when it comes to our flooring solution. You won’t have to worry about waxing or polishing, all you need is a standard broom and wet mop!
    • Many of our decorative coatings also provide a very long service life of 20-30 years due to our professional installation and use of high-grade materials. During its service life, all you need to worry about is replacing the seal coat every 5-7 years depending on placement and traffic your concrete endures
    • Decorative concretes can be used in the process of pool deck resurfacing and standard concrete resurfacing as the materials we use infiltrate and fill all cracks and gouges to restrict their growth and movement.
    • Our concrete finishes can even be rapidly installed due to our decades of combined experience. For a standard stamped concrete job, you can expect your flooring system to be ready for use in as 4-5 days. There are variables involved such as weather, placement, pattern and even the quality of your existing concrete slab
    • Thanks to our high-grade sealers, you can expect your concrete floor to be nearly stain proof thanks to the sealing properties of our high-grade sealers. This makes the decorative concrete super easy to maintain and makes its professional and elegant look last much longer than many other flooring systems.
    • We stand behind our work, that is why we offer a strong warranty on all of our concrete coatings.
    Decorative Concretes We Provide In Durham
    Durhams Widest Selection
    decorative concrete overlay
    As for the types of decorative concrete floors we provide to our neighbors in Durham, you will be excited to know that our selection blows away all of our other competitors! Down below, you will find our full selection of decorative concretes:
    • Stamped concrete offers exotic designs with the bonus of massive durability. You can create the appearance of natural stone, intricate paver patterns and even cobblestone with stamped concretes. We can even use stains to create highs and lows for an ultra-realism effect
    • We also offer artistic concrete overlays which are like the younger brother of stamped concrete as they offer a flat finish. They can be used on pool decking all the way into major living areas like family rooms with finishes ranging from marbling to burnishing
    • We are one of the few contractors in Durham to offer the rustic wood flooring system; not to be confused with traditional wood flooring. Our wood stamped concrete offers the same timeless and elegant appearance of real wood flooring with the benefit of carefree maintenance of concrete
    • Slippery surfaces: this is a clear sign that your concrete surface needs to be sealed properly
    • Do you love the look of traditional concrete flooring but wish that there was a way to add a hint of your personal flair? That is where sealed concrete takes the cake with additives like tints to add a subtle color to your concrete and also add benefits such as chemical resistance and water resistance
    Remember, if you want to have a decorative concrete flooring system installed in your home or light traffic commercial setting, only use professional contractors to get the job done. Unqualified help will claim to be able to finish your concrete the way you want but will become clueless when its time for the job to begin. Unqualified help also only have access to low-quality materials that you can find at your local hardware store. We here at Concrete Conversions have access to the industry’s highest grade materials and when combined with our decades of combined experience, you will have a flooring system that you can rely on for decades to come!
    While our selection of decorative concrete flooring systems is wide, we offer many more other selections of concrete coatings that will blow you away! For more information on the full list of services that we are able to provide to our neighbors in Durham, take a look at our home page or check out our services category. No matter your concrete needs, Concrete Conversions has you covered!
    Where Decorative Concrete Can Be Used
    Versatile Concrete Coating Systems
    We are proud to say that our decorative concrete solutions can be used in a wide range of setting in Durham and we have installed it almost everywhere. Need ideas for where you want to put your new concrete? Down below you will find the most popular areas we have installed our concrete coatings:
    • Driveways and walkways alike are a perfect place to use decorative concrete as they provide an amazing focal point in front of your home
    • Our concrete floors can even be used on pool decking for their natural resistance to harsh UV rays and chemicals used in the pool without the hassle of fading or yellowing
    • Basements are a great area for decorative concrete as the natural slip and skid resistance can make your basement much safer and even more comfortable to walk in
    • In commercial facilities that deal with light traffic such as offices and some lobbies
    • Our decorative concrete systems have even found success being used in patios as they provide a safe and beautiful coating that can be paired with any backyard
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