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As a well-developed and continuously growing concrete company, here at Concrete Conversions, we believe in hard work and results. Our team has decades of combined experience that is up to handling anything your concrete surface is going to throw at them! With a strong warranty offered, our team will drive up to 75 miles out of our area to get to you. Whether you need commercial, residential, or industrial concrete resurfacing, we can do it all. Call our professionals today for more information.



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    Signs your concrete is giving you
    Is it time to resurface your concrete?
    Your garage, driveway, patio, basement, pool deck, and any other concrete surface will tell you when it is time to resurface.
    Check below, is it time to resurface your concrete?
    • Your garage, driveway, patio, basement, pool deck, and any other concrete surface will tell you when it is time to resurface. Check below, is it time to resurface your concrete?
    • Wear and tear: is your concrete visibly fatigued? Things like blemishes, cracks, and chips can all be signals by your concrete telling you it is time to resurface the area. Resurfacing repairs and hides any of the aforementioned signs your concrete might give.
    • It may be rough: concrete resurfacing smooths out the top of your concrete making a much more comfortable area, especially when it comes to pool decks and patios.
    • Slippery surfaces: this is a clear sign that your concrete surface needs to be sealed properly
    • Pool decks: if your pool deck is getting abnormally hot and slippery or showing signs of discoloration due to exposure to pool chemicals, it is time to resurface the concrete. Resurfacing concrete helps reduce heat absorption and damage caused by weather and pool chemicals.
    Benefits of concrete resurfacing
    Affordable and efficient
    concrete resurfacing
    As a cement overlay that is poured over your original concrete slab, concrete resurfacing offers a new start to old and/or existing concrete. So why choose concrete resurfacing over a completely new surface? Because you don’t have to do that! Here’s why:
    Don’t break the bank. Resurfacing concrete can be two to three times more affordable than any other repair solution. Do not rip the concrete surface out to achieve a younger-looking surface simply resurface the old area and hide all of the damages. You can get so much more for your money regardless if it’s a garage, basement, patio, or pool deck.
    Quick and easy! That’s right, concrete resurfacing is not a long process and can improve your home, business, or property within 24 to 72-hours.
    Pick and choose. The aesthetic versatility offered by a concrete resurfacing project ranges from mimicking stone, granite, brick, and tile to coloring the concrete surface and choosing distinct textures. Whatever you’re looking for in a new design, resurfacing is the way to go.
    Create a strong surface. The materials and process used to resurface your concrete surface create a strong and resistant surface that is ready to be exposed to heavy-duty stains, heat, and weather.
    Increase property value. Resurfacing is an affordable upgrade for your home and/or business. This simple process that ranges between $2-$10 per square foot can raise your property value 15% or more.
    Resurfacing concrete options
    what and where?
    The best part about concrete resurfacing is that you can resurface any area that needs it! Whether you’re looking for a new garage, basement, driveway, pool deck, or patio concrete surface, resurfacing is possible. What styles are possible for your concrete surfaces?
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    What can you resurface?
    • Garages: resurface concrete in your garage to reduce the wear and tear on your vehicles and install a stronger surface that is resistant to staining.
    • Driveways: increasing curb appeal is one of the first reasons our clients resurface their concrete.
    • Basements: recreate the way your concrete floor looks like. You can make your basement go from dull and grey to shiny, new, and inviting with the many different options in design, color, and texture.
    • Pool Decks: resurfaced concrete does not become overly hot, offers flexible options in design like stamped pool decks, overlays, stained, and redone concrete.
    • Walkways & Patios: to create a new surface that is safe and sealed resurfacing will last for decades, save money, installing a slip-resistant surface, and heat-resistant.
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