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Garage Floor Epoxy
Are you tired of your garage being a dark, boring and underwhelming area of your home? Ever wish that there was a way to bring your garage to life with fascinating colors and outstanding performance without having to break the bank? Well for our neighbors in Durham, we offer an amazing garage floor coating that is sure to please!
Our garage floor epoxy is one of the most used flooring systems around the world! It offers incredible durability and nearly endless configurations for design. Want to see what our garage epoxies can do for you and your home? We have all you need to know down below!



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    Why Consider Using An Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

    The Industry Shaking Flooring System

    While the appearance of our garage floor epoxy is a massive selling point to most homeowners, some homeowners and commercial garage owners need something that offers more than its looks. Down below, you will find what makes epoxy attractive to everyone, its amazing benefits:
    • One of the most popular benefits of our garage epoxy is its high physical damage tolerance. With one of our epoxies in place, your concrete will be protected from heavy impacts, heavy foot or vehicle traffic, and cracking from weight overload thanks to its 15,000 PSI weight tolerance.
    • Along with the resistance to physical damage, our epoxies are engineered to resist damage from even the harshest chemicals you can find in the garage like battery acid, engine degreasers, and gasoline. Epoxy even takes it as far as isolating chemicals on its surface to make cleanup easy!
    • Homeowners and business owners alike love how fast we can install our epoxy. With our decades of combined experience, our team of epoxy flooring contractors can have your epoxy installed as fast as 3-4 days! But depending on the type of epoxy, weather, and condition of your concrete, installation times may vary.
    • With our professional installation and precise methods of preparing your concrete, our epoxies have a longer service life than most other traditional flooring systems. There have been cases of professionally installed and properly maintained epoxies lasting home and business owners an average of 20-30 years!
    • For homeowners, epoxies offer an amazing investment opportunity. Homeowners that have used our epoxies have reported that after installation, the value of their homes has increased upwards of 5%! They have also reported that they have received a 70% ROI.
    • Epoxy floor coatings also provide that safety net that your concrete requires to last its entire lifespan. While we have already talked about durability and chemical resistance, our garage floor epoxies offer resistance to the damage from sources like flooding, fire, and electricity.
    • Our garage epoxies also offer safety features that can make your garage safer to work in or just to walk in. We offer additives that can provide texture which will make the flooring easier to walk on when wet or soiled.

    Maintaining Your Garage Floor Epoxy

    Carefree Maintenance

    When it comes to the maintenance procedure of our epoxy garage floor coatings, you will be happy to know that this flooring system offers a simplistic and fast maintenance regiment. Our epoxy has been engineered to be extremely easy to clean and maintain so down below, you will find exactly what you can expect when it comes to maintaining your new epoxy:
    Garage Floor epoxy Durham
    • Of of the key features of using garage floor epoxy is that there will never be any type of waxes or polishes required for maintenance. That means that the lifecycle costs of epoxy are on par with traditional concrete flooring.
    • In terms of what you will need to maintain your epoxy, all you need is a standard wet mop; larger mops for larger garages, and a soft-bristle broom or a dust mop. These tools are extremely easy to find and will cost you very little to obtain.
    • When it comes to what you can use to clean your epoxy, there are approved cleaners that are compatible with our epoxies. If you want to know the full list of approved cleaners, talk to your epoxy flooring contractor, they will be more than happy to let you know the right cleaner for you.
    Remember, maintenance of your epoxy shouldn’t start until a week has passed after your flooring system has been installed. We recommend that you hold off on using cleaners during mopping during this time and even restrain yourself to only picking up objects on the flooring during this time. After the week has passed, feel free to do whatever you like; except pressure washing or deep cleaning as these should only be done when necessary, not regularly.
    There are some advantages of using garage floor epoxy that other areas that use epoxy cant take of advantage of. In an instance of your flooring becoming heavily soiled, you can use your garden hose to wash down your flooring. When using this maintenance technique, always make sure that the water coming out of the hose is under 115 degrees and that you maintain movement when using the hose. Constant water pressure of a single area of the epoxy can make it appear dull and high heat on the epoxy can have the same effect.

    Customizing Your Garage Floor Epoxy

    Endless Configurations

    When it comes to customizing your epoxy garage floor coating in Durham, you will find that there are no limitations on what you can do with the coating. We have outlined the general customization that we offer down below:
    We offer a wide range of color options for a sleek and modern finish that will bring any boring and dimly lit garage back to life by making it up to 150% brighter.
    For a more custom finish, we offer 2 amazing options. The first option is the epoxy flake garage floor epoxy which is offered with multi-colored or single-colored flakes that won’t only provide a one of a kind finish, but a safe finish by giving your flooring texture.
    Our more aesthetically pleasing flooring system is our metallic garage floor epoxy. With this epoxy, you can mimic some of our planet’s most beautiful visuals like clouds, waves, and even lava.
    We are also one of the few contractors in Durham to provide the service of placing decals into our epoxy. This means that you can show off your team pride or even place your company’s logo directly into your epoxy!
    Epoxy Flake Garage Floor
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