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Pool Deck Resurfacing
Has your pool deck recently begun to show signs of its age with unsightly visuals like cracks, gouges or peeling pool decking? Maybe you just wish that you had the chance to design your pool deck, not the person you bought your home from. Well, we have a solution that will cut out needing to have your entire deck replaced, our pool deck resurfacing operation is here to save the day!
With pool deck resurfacing, you are wiping the slate clean and starting with a fresh canvas that you can create whatever you want on. With summer right around the corner, there has never been a better time to resurface your pool deck!



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    What Is Pool Deck Resurfacing?
    Saving Time And Money
    One of the most asked questions we receive from our clients is,” What is pool deck resurfacing?”. Well, we know that it isn’t your fault that you don’t know what it is, its the money-hungry concrete contractors that are to blame. But here at Concrete Conversions, we are an honest company that is more concerned with making sure what you get what you need, not what we want. So, down below, we are going to be telling you everything you need to know about pool deck resurfacing:
    • Pool deck resurfacing is a process where we save the underlying concrete slab supporting your pool decking. To do this, we repair all forms of damage and lift any stains to make the possibility of future discoloration impossible.
    • We first start the process by thoroughly cleaning the concrete slab. Where most contractors simply wash down the deck, we take our time to make sure the deck is spotless. We use pressure washers to clean out cracks, remove dirt from crevices, and remove any failing part of the concrete to ensure our materials properly adhere to the concrete.
    • The next step is to repair all of the imperfections that are exposed to the concrete. This includes cracks and gouges. To repair these forms of damage, we use an advanced micro-topping that fills the crack. To reinforce the crack, we use fiberglass mesh to fortify and restrict the crack from moving.
    • Now that all of the cracks and other forms of damage are repaired, we coat the entire deck with the same micro-topping we use to repair cracks. To make sure it’s level, we finish it with trowels or squeegees depending on the size and area of the deck we are working with.
    • Depending on the material you decide on using, the next step of the process is to allow the coating to cure for at least 48 hours. We want to make sure that the coating is ready to accept an additional layer of material without cracking.
    • This is also why concrete resurfacing cannot be completed during inclement weather is forecasted.
    The Benefits Of Pool Deck Resurfacing
    More Than Meets The Eye
    Pool Deck Resurfacing Durham
    While we have covered a small portion of the benefits that you stand to gain from using pool deck resurfacing, there is still so much that it can offer! Down below, you are going to find all of the amazing benefits that pool deck resurfacing can provide to make sure your pool deck is safe and ready for summer:
    Safety: One of the main reasons you should heavily consider having your pool deck resurfaced is the overall safety of your deck. Cracks and imperfections in your deck can make for some serious tripping hazards. A freshly resurfaced pool deck can add massive slip and skid resistance to your deck.
    Longevity: A key role that pool deck resurfacing plays is aiding in the longevity of the underlying concrete. By resurfacing your concrete pool deck
    Investment: Homeowners across the country have been taking to pool deck resurfacing to look for ways to protect and further the investment they have made into their homes. Homeowners have reported a 5% percent increase to the value of their home and a 70% ROI when resurfacing their pool decks.
    Comfort: A major benefit of resurfacing is that it can make your pool deck more comfortable to use with reduced heat and better traction.
    No matter how you look at pool deck resurfacing or standard concrete resurfacing, you will find that the benefits of resurfacing greatly outweigh the “benefits” of having your pool deck completely replaced.
    This is because not only will replacing your pool deck warrant a much larger upfront cost and a massive increase in downtime to your decking, it can become a very risky process. There are cases of these processes damaging the underlying plumbing and even the structural integrity of the pool, causing major plaster damage. By resurfacing, you are eliminating the intrusiveness of replacing your pool deck while saving yourself time and money. But with that being said, you should let any contractor resurface your pool decking. Here at Concrete Conversions, we have decades of combined experience resurfacing pool decks so we know what it takes to get the job done right the first time around. If you want a coating that you can trust and relax on, give us a call today, we guarantee to never disappoint!
    Choosing The Right Material For You
    The Oasis You Deserve
    When it comes to choosing the right decking for your new pool deck, it comes down to your taste. All of our concrete coatings are amazing options for any pool deck. But, down below we will outline our most popular coatings to make your decision a little easier:
    Sundek has been one of the most trusted pool decking materials since the early 1970s with a full selection of coatings ranging from a knockdown to stamped concretes.
    Stamped concrete is known for its ability to mimic natural materials such as stone, pavers and even slate or cobblestone. Stains can also be used to create highs and lows for ultra-realism.
    Pavers are known for their elegant appearance and carefree maintenance procedure. The ultra-durable material also makes them perfect for high traffic pool decks.
    Wood concrete is the perfect alternative to using real wood around your pool deck. While wood shrivels and warps due to moisture, wood stamped concrete will last your decking ages with the durability of a traditional concrete flooring system.
    Kool decking has been one of the most trusted materials in the pool decking realm for decades. These coatings have been known to drastically decrease the temperature of the decking.
    Pool Deck Repair
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